Vergers Jodoin

They wanted to expand, open new markets, stand out even more in their category, increase visibility among consumers, and draw more attention from a heavily targeted clientele. And they wanted to do it all without sacrificing any part of the brand, because sales of TRADITION juice were going well. Very well indeed, in fact.

It took a bold initiative to revitalize three lines of TRADITION products without altering the well-known logo (actually, we touched it up a bit, but nothing drastic).

  • Product branding
  • Packaging design
  • Brand image
  • Logo
  • Packaging
  • Visual platform
  • Rebranding
  • 3D visualisation


We created a powerful new design for these juices containing the essence of fruit processed only to preserve the health benefits. The fruit is simply displayed on a white background for a look that says health and purity. The product’s name is clearly written on an eye-catching color banner that stands out boldly on the shelf. This is a modern look for a fashionable product.


For these 100% organic fruit juices, we designed a graphics platform based on great-looking fruit. First we created a logo boasting that these are certified organic products. Then we showcased the fruit in pure, natural images. The wrapping completely covers the container to create a lively, refreshing look!


The TRADITION brand was originally built on freshly pressed sweet apple cider. Then came a whole range of apple-based juices made with blends of other fruits. We came up with an energetic, modern design that puts the key information front and center. The product’s name is displayed on a smooth banner in a different color for each juice blend. There’s nothing fancy about the way this fruit is presented. Just real, wholesome goodness—like these products—that makes fresh really stand out.